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This Share Offer seeks to raise an additional £120,000 (in addition to the recently announced Community Shares Booster Programme contribution of £100,000 of match funding) to purchase solar panels on two thriving community centres and install a ground source heat pump at the Park Lane Centre, Bradford. Your investment will help save money on energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and develop the means to create a fund to support fuel poverty reduction in the local community.

The Offer has received a support package from the Booster programme. The Directors are grateful for the support gained from the Community Shares Booster Programme to cover the cost of establishing the society and launching the share offer.

Further information on the share offer

BCE intend to use this investment to:

  • Purchase two existing (full installed (March 2019) and operational) Photo Voltaic (PV)solar array installations (58kW peak) from Bradford Trident an established community anchor organisation and registered charity in Little Horton, Bradford. Trident will then buy the energy generated by BCE to operate these two sites.
  • Install a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) 104kW at the Park Lane Centre to capture low carbon heat for the building and generating additional revenue for BCE. The system is based upon heat collected from groundwater accessed via vertical boreholes beneath the centre’s grounds. The heat will be concentrated via four 26kW heat pumps and fed into the upgraded water-based central heating system at the centre.

The Community Centres will benefit from electricity and heat at a discounted rate compared to their mains supplier.

A proportion of the Society’s surpluses will be made available for community projects relating to fuel poverty and promoting low carbon lifestyles via our Community Fund.

Important documents

Share offer

Business Plan

Estimated Benefits

In the first year:

  • 47,500 kWh of clean, green electricity and heat generated
  • approximately 40 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved

Over the life of the Project:

  • total energy bill savings of £27,700
  • a Community Fund of £44,500

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