“Powering Communities Together”

Our first Share Offer will establish Bradford Community Energy to provide clean, green energy for community groups and will enable us to build a stronger, healthier and fairer society as a result, with people not politics at our core.


Together we will be the driver to achieve ‘Net Zero’ across Bradford, whilst also delivering an inflation-beating return on your investment.

Solar Arrays

Return on Investment

Ground Sourced Heating

You can be that change.

We did it, the lower investment target of 60,000 has been reached!

Thank you everyone for your support. BCE will go ahead with the Park Lane solar project and support Bradford Trident to pursue its ground Source Heat Pump ambitions.

BCE welcomes expressions of interest from other groups that operate community-owned buildings and wish to pursue renewable energy projects in the Bradford District

Our Progress

We would like to thank those who have already invested and encourage anyone who is thinking about it to get in touch.

Community Funded Investment

Match Funding

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Our Latest News


Clean Energy

The prime focus of BCE is to reduce the damaging effect that most energy production and usage has on our environment. We are driven by the knowledge that it our responsibility to take action now that ensures the planet we pass on to our children is better cared for than the one we inherited. The whole philosophy of Community Enterprises such as ours is that it puts local people in the driving seat, feeding the many benefits directly into the local community, not corporate investors. Our passion is to show just what can be achieved in a densely populated and polluted inner-city area such as Little Horton.

We want to not just be a driver for change, we will be that very driver of change; producing clean energy and local community benefit, supporting community assets and tackling local fuel poverty. If you share our vision and please consider becoming a shareholder.

Powering Change

BCE will work with other community-based organisations to explore, develop and deliver community-owned renewable energy assets across Bradford. We will work to inspire others to act on climate change issues and show that when we have focus and work together we create change. We will work at all levels, in individual homes, community centres and neighbourhoods to deliver better, cleaner, less harmful, community-owned energy solutions.

We believe in a better more equal world where communities can source affordable renewable heat and electricity to meet their efficient energy needs.

Fuel Poverty

It is widely considered that despite much work having been done in recent years there are still 1 in 8 households in fuel poverty in Bradford, this means that in 2020 more than 1 in 10 people have at some time to weigh up the benefits between a warm meal or a warm home, many of whom are elderly.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council and others have done much good work to address this situation, but there is so much more that needs to be achieved. This is why a proportion of BCE operating surplus will go to support this fuel poverty reduction work.

For more information on local fuel poverty what is needed and what is being done, please visit: https://www.bradford.gov.uk/environment/climate-change/fuel-poverty/

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Phone: 07825 733206

Park Lane Centre, Park Lane, Bradford. BD5 0LN.