Our Energy Audits

An organisation’s premises can be its biggest asset but running it is that organisation’s biggest cost. Rising energy prices are seeing many communities and volunteer groups re-evaluate how they use space and the cost of that.

As the warmer sets in it are easy to forget the cost of heating and the longer days do make it easier to keep the lights off. However, when summer comes to an end Bradford Community Energy doesn’t want to see the hard work put into it go to waste because it is no longer affordable to keep the doors open.

The Bradford Community Energy (BCE) team provides specialist advice and support around carbon reduction initiatives and how to improve the economic recovery of VCSE organisations by mitigating the increases in energy prices through energy-saving measures.

Their comprehensive building energy assessment of your community managed premises provides an energy performance certificate including recommendations as to the improvements you could make to save both energy and money as well as help to reduce your carbon footprint. The recommendations include illustrative typical payback periods for different measures and carbon impact indicators to inform your prioritisation of your implementation plans.

BCE provides 50 free audits of Community owed/managed premises and produces a bespoke report for each. That will show VCS businesses how they can adopt green practices and the associated carbon emissions reductions.  The audits include recommendations for equipment which could be funded via applications to small grants programmes, as well as insulation and other more capital-intensive energy-saving works.

Only buildings that are community-owned and/or community-managed are eligible. No private ownership or for private profit landlords can be supported. Only 1 premise per organisation can be audited, though the methodology could be shared so further buildings could be audited in-house should the organisation decide to do so.

Audits gather information about the physical characteristics of the premises and services delivered. Auditors make reasoned recommendations on quick, medium and long-term actions the recipients can take to reduce their Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions and similar environmental impacts.

Bradford Community Energy is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for VCS organisations, for more information visit bcel.org or email info@bcel.org

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