Energy prices hit local charities hard

Ofgem announced that the Price Cap was to increase from 1st April 2022 due to record increases in global gas prices. The increase will see the cap rise by a staggering 54%, meaning Energy Suppliers can increase their maximum prices by the same amount.

Many homes are facing the choice to heat or eat and the food banks, community centres and community groups who are working hard to support these families are facing the same crisis. That is why Bradford Community Energy has launched its free energy audits for community-owned buildings. These audits will identify where you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

They will also help identify government schemes that could make the community hubs more cost-effective to run, freeing up funds to help support local families rather than it going to keeping the lights on.

BCE is a cooperative energy company, based in Little Horton, which aims to promote renewable energy in community buildings, reduce fuel poverty, raise awareness of energy efficiency and work towards zero carbon emissions.

The company hopes that its support will improve the economic recovery of Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations by reducing the impact of energy price rises.

The results of the audits will be used to produce an energy performance certificate which will give recommendations on improvements that could be made to save energy and money and reduce a building’s carbon footprint. They will also include illustrative payback periods for different types of energy-saving measures and carbon impact indicators to inform any budget planning.

The audits will suggest equipment which could be funded via applications to small grants programmes, as well as insulation and other more significant measures.

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