Park Lane Ground Source Heat Pump


Sustainable heating

The proposed 104kW GSHP system is eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments guaranteed and index-linked for 20 years. A Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certified installer will be used. The system will provide low cost, low carbon heating to the site for decades.

Feasibility of the Ground Source Heat Pump

The Energy Performance Certificate for the Park Lane Centre indicates the energy efficiency of the buildings fabric and energy systems reflecting the modern design and construction techniques used in the building giving an Energy Performance Asset Rating of 49 rated B.

A reasonable portion of the ground floor benefits from underfloor heating (nursery, community hall, reception area, cafe) whilst the remainder of the building uses a water-based central heating system.

Analysis of gas consumption records suggests an annual heating energy demand of 150,000 kWh.

The good thermal envelope of the building and its existing heating infrastructure support ground source heating options.

Analysis of 11 deep boreholes within 1 km of the site strongly suggests suitable aquifers within the Pennine Lower Coal Measures formation sit below the site at a depth of 80-150m. A closed-loop Ground Source Heating system could operate well in such an environment. Further technical data is being sourced from the British Coal Board, the British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency to guide and inform system design and particularly borehole installation and construction.

Multiple GSHP installers have indicated that a closed-loop vertical borehole GSHP system is both technically and financially viable if RHI can be secured. The technology is eligible for Non-Domestic RHI payments.