Mayfield Centre 30kWp Solar Array


Providing Cleaner Energy

All sites have obtained Energy Performance Certificates and registered the solar panels with Ofgem to receive the Feed-in Tariff as of April 2019.

Both sites have approved Grid connections and are fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme verified.

Leases and Power Purchase Agreements have been drafted and checked by Solicitors for both arrays.

SolarEdge power inverters and optimisers were installed and are functioning well.

The productivity of the PV Solar Arrays


The Mayfield arrays have been operational for 12 months, the technical output estimations are 12.6% over the year.

FIT payments have been received for the entire generated output. As each array is 30kWp or less it is assumed that 50% of their output is exported to the grid.

13.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide avoided (based on 275 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour of electricity).

Generation Estimate (kWh)


Generation Actual (kWh)