Fareeda Mir

Fareeda has worked in community development for the past 15 years with 12 years in the NHS in the health and wellbeing arena. She has been involved with Bradford Trident since it’s early days and in 2003 was the Neighbourhood Development Officer for the Little Horton ward for 6 years. She next took on the role of managing the Women’s Centre for Council for Mosques The centre was built to serve women from all backgrounds. Fareeda then became a Trustee for Bradford Trident as well as Chair of trustees for West Bowling Training and Advice Centre. Her current role is working in the NHS full time where she works in the community dealing with patients and working in partnership with statutory and voluntary services.

As ward councillor for Little Horton, she is actively dealing with local issues to benefit the community in which she lives and works and also helping those that are in need of support.

Her spare time is spent with her elderly parents and as a taxi driver for her 3 children.